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The majority of organizations have hidden potential. Our goal as consultants is to help owners and managing team to reveal and activate those possibilities.
Konstantin Y. Smolentsev
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I International Agrarian Forum "Innovations in agribusiness (plant growing)" (July 31-August 1, 2008)

Flight Schedule

Moscow – Tyumen

00.45-5.25 (Sheremetyevo)
02.45-7.50 (Vnukovo)
10.30-15.10 (Domodedovo)
11.20-15.40 (Vnukovo)
19.55-00.10 (Vnukovo)
19.55-00.15 (Vnukovo)
22.25-3.00 (Domodedovo)
every day
Tyumen - Moscow
6.35-7.40 (Sheremetyevo)
7.15-7.35 (Vnukovo)
7.50-8.45 (Domodedovo)
9.35-10.30 (Vnukovo)
17.30-18.10 (Domodedovo)
19.40-21.00 (Domodedovo)
every day
St. Petersburg - Tyumen
23.10-4.10 (Pulkovo)
Wednesday, Saturday
13.00-18.30 (Pulkovo)
Tyumen St. Petersburg
5.30-7.00 (Pulkovo)
Thursday, Sunday
Minsk  Moscow – Tyumen
19.00-21.00-00.45-5.25 (Sheremetyevo)
16.35-18.55-22.25-3.00 (Domodedovo)
every day
Tyumen Moscow – Minsk
6.35-7.40-10.15-10.35 (Sheremetyevo)
7.50-8.45-15.20-15.40 (Domodedovo)
7.50-8.45-12.20-12.40 (Domodedovo)
every day
Tyumen - Munich
Tuesday, Friday
Munich - Tyumen
Tuesday, Friday
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