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-Where and how to attract investments?
-Where is it more profitable to enclose free financial assets?
-How to optimize financial tools and get a real economic effect from that?

To pass all stages of investment path with maximum efficiency and minimal costs – is the primary problem, which we solve together with top-management and shareholders.
Konstantin Y. Smolentsev
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Investment Consulting

«…- Where to get private investments from?
- How to attract direct investments?
- What is necessary to be done for the business to be attractive for a strategic investor?
- How to build relations with business angels and capital venture funds correctly and mutually advantageous?

These questions arise on a certain stage of a business development from many owners and directors.

- Where is it profitable to invest financial resources?
- Where to find good objects for angel and venture investments?
- What kind of business might be interesting for strategic investments?
- How to optimize venture financing and gain maximum economic effect from that?»

These, and similar questions almost all angel investors and venture investors ask themselves.

Problems arise even when realization of the investment project is being carried out: “all of the sudden unexpected” conditions occur, not discussed before: market changes make great corrections to the development program; “unscrupulous” investor is trying to gain full control over executive management and financial flows; initial owners and top management of a business, which is being invested in, are not sticking to the agreements with angel-investors or venture funds; strategic investments are not being used for their direct goal and so on.

Final stages of the project and investor’s exit are one of the most important ones in the investment process. 

Or maybe, you have decided to attract financial means through promissory notes or bonds or by entering a market of public capital raising – IPO?

We will define what conditions are necessary to create to prepare a company for investments and will help develop solutions to concrete needs of your business.

To pass all stages of investment path with maximum efficiency and minimal expenses is the main goal, which we solve with owners and top management of organizations and representatives of the private equity sphere.

To do that we offer consulting services on the following:

  • Management of an organization or a territory (country, province, district) with a goal of increasing its strategic potential and capitalization
  • Creating / Increasing investment attractiveness
  • Accompanying long term projects of increasing value of business
  • Consulting questions of attraction of angel and venture investments
  • Consulting questions of attraction of a strategic investor
  • Consulting on organizing “club” bonded loans and “club” shares
  • Consulting on organizing classic bill and bonded loans
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Accompanying investment projects from ground to selling business to a strategic investor
  • Asset Management
  • Development of investment policy and business plans
  • Choosing optimal type and source of financing
  • Forming an Informational teaser about a business and forwarding it to potential investors
  • Forming a detailed presentation and an investment proposal
  • Development of a financial model and evaluation of the fair value of the company or the  project’s effectiveness
  • Carrying out a Road-show and support of the active phase of negotiation process with potential investors
  • Assistance in attracting / placing investments
  • Recommending industries and objects for investment
  • Accompaniment of investment projects, development programs
  • Pre investment preparation of business
  • Purchase/ Sale/ Allocation of business
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Structuring investment operations
  • Post transactional accompaniment
  • Development and expertise of business plans, investment projects, development programs
  • Investment assessment and due diligence
  • Creation of an effective system of corporate management

One of the most important standards of our work is maintaining strict adherence to the confidentiality of information received from clients.

We safeguard all documents and information received and compiled in the course of work and we do not reveal it without Client’s consent as set by the international law and professional ethics.  

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