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The uniqueness of our concept lies in our initial help for leaders to orient their businesses on achievement of successful long-term results, developing in the “open” world.
Konstantin Y. Smolentsev
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Interim Management

Time is the most valuable and irreplaceable resource. Often, an urgent change in the management format, “breakthrough” due to experience and technologies is necessary. Time factor in this case is a critical limiter not only for development but for the business’ survival as well.  

This important problem can be realized with the help of external professional management – interim management – hiring and external temporary manager to conduct concrete structural changes in a business, increasing quality of management and competitiveness. Due to its radicalism, realization of the complex of vitally important changes is accessible only to independent management, precisely focused on the end result.

Interim management is “an operative practical solution of business problems via attraction of experienced high quality heads for a short period” (definition by a British Interim Management Association).

Interim manager is invited only then when it is necessary to carry out a very specific task, to reorganize or “free from garbage”. That situation occurs if it is vital to liquidate a huge gap and use unpopular methods. This is the concrete idea of interim-management. Especially interim-manager is essential when radical changes are necessary. If an organization is preparing for a big-scale change, then inviting an interim-manager is almost unavoidable.

An interim-manager enters the structure of operative responsibility for activity and results of the managed branch or enterprise for the period of project realization and leaves the organization after achieving goals of the project of temporary management.

Service of an interim-manager is, first of all, addressed to:

  • The entrepreneurs sanitizing their businesses
  • Investment and financial institutes concerned with the price growth and transparency of their business, improvement of credit status.

IC “SMOLENTSEV & Partners” is offering services of North American and European interim-managers and interim-teams (specifically formed and educated groups of experienced experts of highest qualifications with real successes in management). Those are professionals, combining unique experience of general management and specific knowledge, able to diagnose business problems, find the basis for their occurrence and start up a mechanism of active development.

One of the most important standards of our work is strict confidentiality of information received from the Clients.

We provide safety of information and documents, received and developed throughout work, and do not disclose them without Client’s permission, as it is established by the international norms of professional etiquette.

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