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Konstantin Y. Smolentsev
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I International Agrarian Forum "Innovations in agribusiness (plant growing)" (July 31-August 1, 2008)



Dear ladies and gentlemen!

     On behalf of organizers and International consulting corporation “SMOLENTSEV and Partners” I am glad to welcome you on the I International Agrarian Forum “Innovations in agribusiness (plant growing)”. 
     Today agrarian branch is experiencing a new qualitative coil of its development. To simple people and businessmen, politicians and globalists it has become absolutely clear that agrarian sector is a major component of the world’s economy, which importance is defined by indispensability and a special role of foodstuffs.
    It is symbolical that our International Agrarian Forum is placed in the centre of Russia – Siberia. Forum is equally close to Europe, Asia, North America, Africa and Near East. And not only geographically. There are general problems of agrarian branch, which depend on many factors: human, climate, political, economic, social. General innovative methods and their solutions exists and are constantly developing in agrarian technologies as well as in technologies of organization and managing business. 
     I am sure, that open interested dialogue between authorities and business, exchange of innovative developments, adjustment of direct business contacts will bring essential advantage to each member of the forum.
    We hope, that International Agrarian Forum, held in Siberia, will become an important annual event not only among Russian but international professionals of agribusiness.
    I wish you all productive work at the Forum, well-being, good health to You and Your relatives!


Konstantin Y. Smolentsev

Chairman of the Board of Directors
IC "SMOLENTSEV and Partners",
doctor of political sciences, Academician of IIA,


Dear friends!

     I sincerely congratulate You with opening of the “I International Agrarian Forum” (innovations in agribusiness). I hope that this event will become a good tradition for all of us, who are somewhat connected to working with land. 
     Successful development of agro-industrial complex of Russia is impossible without a very important branch of our country’s economy – seed-growing. Group of companies “AgroIntel” precisely and clearly sees its role in solving this problem. We’re implementing advanced agro-technologies, intensive selection work is carried out, scientific and technical cooperation with Russian and foreign companies are being extended. “AgroIntel” has strong positions and good perspectives for development.  
     For a present economic situation in the country an increasing demand for qualitative seeds is characteristic. For this reason GC “AgroIntel” annually increases investments into science and manufacture.
     We always have something to show and tell our partners and colleagues, we’re always open for communication and exchange of experience. Together we can more effectively use present experience and knowledge for the success of our mutual activity. We are always happy to see you on our fertile Tyumen land.

General Director
GC “AgroIntel”                                                  A.N. Chalkov


Dear friends!

           I am glad to welcome participants, organizers and guests of the I International Agrarian Forum “Innovations in agribusiness”. 
          Today Tyumen region is known in the country not only as oil-and-gas region, but also as a territory of developed agricultural production. Especially it is important right now, when we’re talking about preservation of food safety in the country.
          By volume and quality of received from AIC products – our region has leading positions in Ural federal region. In spite of the fact that territory of our region is considered to be zone of risky agriculture, Tyumen traditionally collects a good harvest of grains. This is reached by attracting to AIC sector serious investments, implementing new highly productive grades of seeds and organizing technological processes at a high professional level.
          This is exactly why I find it logical that the Forum is carried out on Tyumen land. In fact our landowners constantly find new, advanced ways of managing their land, mechanics and technologies. They are working on increasing efficiency of resource use, introducing highly efficient agricultural machinery of new generation in manufacture, are engaged in selection.
         I am sure that participation in the Forum will allow specialists of this important for the country sphere to exchange innovations and make a significant step in increasing labor productivity and efficiency of agricultural production. 
         I wish all participants productive work, good business contacts and success in reaching your goals!  

Governor of Tyumen region                     V.V. Yakushev


Dear ladies and gentlemen!

       On behalf of the Russian Grain Union I welcome participants of the I International Agrarian Forum: representatives of authorities of all levels, representatives of agrarian professional associations, heads and experts of agricultural organizations, analysts, representatives of manufacturers of agricultural fertilizers and means to protect plants, representatives of banks, insurance companies, mass media from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany and other countries of the Europe, Asia and Near East.
       Carrying out I International Agrarian Forum has coincided with global changes in the world agro-food market. New challenges require development of balanced and efficient measures and tools of state regulation of agro-industrial complex and grain market, many of which are incorporated in the State program for agricultural development and regulating markets of agricultural production, raw material and foodstuffs for 2008-2012.
       In this situation special attention is paid to constructive dialogue of business and government on questions like choosing forms and methods of government support and regulation of grain branch, estimation of current situation, prognosis on development of Russian agro-industrial complex, strengthening positions of Russian AIC on world agro-food market.
      I International Agrarian Forum will allow discussion in open discussions of the most important problems of Russian grain market, exchange experience on implementing innovative approaches in using agrarian machinery, organizing and managing agribusiness in modern conditions.
      I am sure that I International Agrarian Forum will give an additional impulse to solving problems in agriculture in general as well as in grain market of Russia and will become one of the most important events for Russian and foreign professionals in agribusiness.
      From the bottom of my heart I wish all participants of the Forum productive work, further successes and well-being.

With deep respect,

President of the Russian Grain Union

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