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The majority of organizations have hidden potential. Our goal as consultants is to help owners and managing team to reveal and activate those possibilities.
Konstantin Y. Smolentsev
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I International Agrarian Forum "Innovations in agribusiness (plant growing)" (July 31-August 1, 2008)

GC “AgroIntel” (Russia) and IC “SMOLENTSEV and Partners” (Canada) with the support of Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA), the Government and the regional Duma of Tyumen area are carrying out a I International Agrarian Forum “Innovations in agribusiness (plant growing)” in Russia, July 31-August 1st 2008 in Tyumen and Zavodoukovsk, which is planned to become one of the most prestige Annual International Forum. Among participants of the I Annual International Agrarian Forum would be representatives of authorities and Agro-Industrial complex; agrarian professional associations; manufacturers of grain, bean cultures and grasses; agro-holdings; analytics; selectors; operators of the grain market; representatives of consulting, financial, investment and insurance companies; representatives of manufacturers of agricultural machinery, fertilizers and means of protection; representatives of mass media from Russia, Canada, Australia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Germany and other countries of the Europe, Asia and Near East.

During the I International Agrarian Forum “Innovations in agribusiness (plant growing)” it is planned discuss the following questions: state regulations of the plant growing market – measures and objectives of state support; progress analysis and forecasts of world and Russian grain markets, conjunctures of the market of manufacture and processing grain and bean cultures; problems of maintaining agricultural production of qualitative seeds of grain and leguminous cultures and solutions; cooperation perspectives of agricultural production manufacturers of Russia, Canada, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries; questions on business management and finance; innovations in selection, seed-growing and technologies; economic efficiency of using resource-saving technologies; presentation and exchange of successful innovative experience. 

Annual International Agrarian Forum is:

  • positioning and prognosis of business development of every participant;
  • exchange of successful innovative experience;
  • bettering direct business relations, it’s a place to meet professionals of agribusiness!

Organizers of the I International Agrarian Forum:

  • Group of Companies “AgroIntel” (Russia),
  • International Corporation “SMOLENTSEV and Partners” (Canada).


  • AgriProvince Inc. (Canada)


  • Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association (CERBA)
  • The Government of Tyumen area
  • Tyumen regional Duma

Dates of the Forum:

  • July 31st – August 1st 2008 (Thursday to Friday)

Excursion day:

  • August 2nd 2008 (Saturday)

Place of the Forum – Russia:

  • Tyumen, Hotel “Tyumen”
  • Zavodoukovsk, professional field and factory on completion of grain of GC “AgroIntel”

Format of the Forum:

  • Day 1 – Plenary session, round tables, gala-dinner,
  • Day 2– Practical seminar, round tables by interests, direct dialogue,
  • Day 3– Excursion program (by requests in advance).
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