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The majority of organizations have hidden potential. Our goal as consultants is to help owners and managing team to reveal and activate those possibilities.
Konstantin Y. Smolentsev
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In our work we are devoted to the principle of getting real benefit from consulting services rendered. This is achieved by comprehension of organization’s integrity and interconnection of processes occurring within. This is why it is important to coordinate actions of all parties, which are in charge of any organizational changes and responsible for the development of the organization as a whole. This understanding is the reason behind outstanding effectiveness resulting from cooperation between the managing and the consulting team.

There is no consulting company that would be able to satisfy even basic demands of an organization in consulting services without damaging the quality and causing conflicts of interests. By attracting different consulting companies and specialists this problem can be solved.

We can recommend consulting companies, consultants and practicing experts from different spheres of activity (IT, HR, PR, audit, assessment, law, international tax planning, ethnic marketing…), who are leaders in what they do and who share our principles of work.

One of the most important standards of our work is maintaining strict adherence to the confidentiality of information received from clients.
We safeguard all documents and information received and compiled in the course of work and we do not reveal it without Client’s consent as set by the international law and professional ethics.

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