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Creation of a client oriented organization

It is a unique business practicum for owners and top managers of enterprises and organizations, experts on strategic and organizational development, managers and employees of divisions: on development, marketing, economic, financial, industrial, advertising, on public relations, on work with clients, on information technologies.

Currently goods and products are leveling out in price, assortment and quality. For consumers they are less and less differentiable.

Sphere of competence is becoming more about not the product, but the difference in system of work with a client, attractiveness of a product and firm for a consumer (attract-function). This concept is complex, multidimensional. All efforts of owners, top managers and employees have to be concentrated on a cone, which is turned to the consumer of organization’s products. This cone is an attract-function of organization – resulting in the activity of a firm from consumers’, customers’, partners’ point of view. Simply – attractiveness of an organization as a whole.  

Perfection in the sphere of development of attract-function has no limits. Effectively turning an organization towards the client can be done only as a whole, including all its divisions and levels of management, involving in this process all employees.   

The seminar is oriented on experience and qualification level of participants and presents:

  • active dialogue of the host – experience of a head simultaneously with a business consultant with participants;
  • training by a principle of “case study” (analysis of the business situations taken from real practice);
  • analysis by participants of concrete problems of their organizations and development of decisions connected with active development, i.e. the express-consulting.


KONSTANTIN YURIEVICH SMOLENTSEV – the Head of Board of Directors of an International corporation “KONSTANTIN Y. SMOLENTSEV and Partners” (http://www.smolentsev.com/), which has its offices in Europe, North America and Asia; Certified Management Consultant (CMC) in Accordance with the Amsterdam Standard ICMCI; Active member of an International Organization Development Association (IODA); Doctor of Political Science (Dissertation: «Problems of political regulation of international investment processes in conditions of globalization», the Russian Academy of State Service under the President of the Russian Federation, Moscow, 2004); Master of Business Administration /MBA/ (Dissertation: «Investment processes in conditions of globalization», Academy of National Economy under The Government of Russian Federation, Moscow, 2001); Full member (the Academician) of International Informatization Academy; Holder of the Highest international order «For outstanding services in informationology»; Laureate of International competition “Elite of the info Informationologists of the World 2003”; Expert of “The Moscow Times” newspaper; Expert of a business magazine “The Director”; Expert-consultant of the National Fund for development of the small and middle business undertakings; Author of monographs, scientific publications and scientific and practical researches; Author of a column «Recommendations of a Business consultant» in a division «Consultations» of a daily Internet journal Kleo.ru.

Main professional specialization:

  • consulting on organizational development for owners and top management of organizations and enterprises, heads of administrative-territorial formations; development of organizational structures; increase of controllability; risk management; strategic planning and management; introduction of the Balanced Scorecard – BSC;
  • investment consulting, structuring of investment operations, formation of investment appeal, increasing capitalization of business, support of investment projects from “zero” point up until the business is sold to a strategic investor;
  • international development; carrying out goods, services and brands on international markets;
  • increase of administrative qualification of owners and top-management, organizing author's seminars.

Strategy of work is oriented on complex solution of problems and problems of a Client with a goal to maintain real improvement of its functioning. Sample decisions are not offered, all recommendations are unique.

Work experience:

Since 1987 Mr. Smolentsev is an active creator and top manager of commercial, educational, bank, investment, holding and consulting organizations.

As a consultant from 1989 he has carried out management and investment consulting for more than 650 top and middle managers of more than 120 enterprises and organizations. More than 2800 people attended his seminars and trainings.

Konstantin Y. Smolentsev has personally directed over 20 million USD in the direct and briefcase form of investments.

Goal of the business practicum:

Studying classical and modern principles, methods and technologies of active client-oriented strategic management. Acquaintance with innovative technologies of formation of highly effective organizations focused on result. Reception of an opportunity to analyze and systematize own experience and to approve the projects. Large increase of interest and readiness of front- and the back-personnel, top-managers and owners, organization as a whole in use of receptions and methods of active work with different categories of clients, development of client base and forming relations with clients and partners.

As a result of participation in the business practicum participant will acquire following knowledge, skills:
  • Full understanding of modern methods of highly efficient client oriented management;
  • Innovative principles of active construction of client oriented organization;
  • Development of client oriented thinking of the personnel;
  • Strengthening team spirit in an organization, improvement of cooperation skills when working on mutual goals;
  • Increasing dynamics of organization’s development, innovation skills of its personnel.

Seminar is modeled as a real consulting session.

The product of two-four day work is a developed complex of projects on creation of competitive advantages in work with client base.

Practical result: ability to organize an effective system of strategic management in deadlines on your enterprise with minimum expenses.

Program of the business practicum:

  • Creation of an organization, oriented on result.
  • Basics of theory and practices of an organization and leadership – fundament for creating and managing an organization.
  • Modern view of a client oriented organization.
  • Parity of client orientation and attract-function.
  • Components of the attract-function.
  • Categories of clients.
  • Segmentation of client base. Defining priorities.
  • Organizational diagnosis and self-diagnosis – key elements of managing and developing client orientation.
  • Work with difficult material.
  • Formation of a list of projects on developing relations with clients.
  • Development of a complex of projects on competitive advantages in work with client base and creation of temporary project groups.
  • Typical difficulties and mistakes and basic recommendations on creation of a client oriented organization.
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