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We do not offer sample decisions. All our recommendations are concrete and unique. Result of our work is active and balanced development of an organization, increase of its cost.
Konstantin Y. Smolentsev
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Development and Implementation of Balanced Scorecard – BSC

Having a good plan for strategic development is not enough. It is important to provide its realization, integrate into operative activity of the organization. Here, at a stage of introduction, the basic points of inertia, resistance and failures are being found out. Heads of many enterprises, who successfully carry out strategic management, are using Balanced Scorecard BSC to unite business processes, financial, material and intellectual resources, information technologies, systems of assessment and controlling, structural divisions and each employee for effective achievement of general strategic goals.

  • Structuring strategic policies (perspectives)
  • Defining and balancing Key Performance Indicators – KPI
  • Establishment of relationships of cause and effect
  • Formation of architect concept building Strategy maps
  • Decomposition of the BSC on all levels of management
  • Development of Personal BSC of personnel
  • Development of a motivational system on the basis of BSC
  • Integration of BSC in management system
  • Adaptation of the BSC for use of government and non-profit organizations.

One of the most important standards of our work is a strict confidentiality of information, received from Clients.

We provide safety of information and documents, received and made during work, and do not disclose them without the consent of the Client as it is established by the international norms of right and professional etiquette.

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