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Worst Friend - Best Enemy: A business novel that is not only about business (Russian Edition)

December 13, 2024

Second edition of the business novel by Konstantin Y. SMOLENTSEV, MBA, Doc.Pol.Sci., Academician of IIA “Worst Friend – Best Enemy. A novel about business, life choices and love” (Russian Edition) can be found here:

Ridero (Paperback and Digital)

Ozon (Paperback)

Litres (Digital)

Bookmate (Digital, access from Russia via VPN)

Wildberries (Paperback)

Wildberries (Digital)

Amazon (Digital)

Amazon (Paperback)

Yandex Bookmate (Digital)

MTS Lines (Digital)

Have a nice and useful reading!

December 30, 2017

 A digital version of the business novel Worst Friend – Best Enemy by Konstantin Y. SMOLENTSEV, MBA, Doc.Pol.Sci., Academician of IIA is now out!

You can purchase your book here:


March 25, 2016

Win free business consultations!

Get 1 free in-person business consultation (40 mins) or 2 free business consultations (40 mins each) over Skype with Konstantin Y. SMOLENTSEV, MBA, Doc.Pol.Sci., Academician of IIA!

To enter the contest, send a photo with Konstantin Smolentsev’s book “Worst Friend – Best Enemy: A business novel that is not only about business” along with a review of the book.

The book is available exclusively on Amazon:


Good luck!  

August 15, 2015

The YouTube channel of the Konstantin Y. SMOLENTSEV, MBA, Doc.Pol.Sci., Academician of IIA has been updated and is now more user friendly: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeg7LUYzSVsHbwsb-rxv76g . When you subscribe, you’ll be able to receive notifications of all new videos, including the video version of “Worst Friend – Best Enemy: a business novel not only about business”.

March 16, 2015

The book, “Worst Friend –  Best Enemy: a business novel that is not only about business”, authored by Konstantin Y. SMOLENTSEV, Doc.Pol.Sci., Academician of the IIA has been published.

You can now get the Russian edition by following any of these Amazon store links:







Short description:

Start-up, a man and a woman – these are the main characters of the novel Worst Friend – Best Enemy.

A triangle of him, her and an unexpected third persona.

It is a business novel that focuses on the creation a start-up – venture project in a field that even the most respectable government officials talk about in the following way: “ Want to lose money fast? Consider investing in agriculture”. The goal for the start-up is to grow it into an attractive business and turn it over to a strategic investor, or end the project in a proposed time frame. Just like a baby, any business needs care and attention. But the “methods of upbringing” can be different. Which ones are chosen this time? The most atypical and innovative.

So who is He? An accomplished Russian businessman who summed up his life experience and radically changed his approach. Who is She? A devilishly attractive and authoritative manager of a venture fund in San Francisco. Linked through a genius IT-creation she becomes his anonymous messenger contact. She ends up knowing everything about him, while keeping him in the full dark about her. Episodic discussions online range from sex to murder. Philosophical and theological discussions intertwine thirsty for each others' company. When and where will they meet, if ever?

Life is a beautiful canvas, where each one makes their own choice of a brush stroke in love and career. So simple yet so difficult to accomplish. Even the most successful people end up leaving on a quest to find themselves. Such is the main theme of the novel. Intriguing plot leaves the reader on the edge of his seat until the last page. Characters are taken through different time periods and epochs, they cross countries and continents, exposing themselves to people of various nationalities, mentalities and class. They lose friends and acquire loved ones. Raider attacks, change of shareholders, death of a partner – the business is about to fall apart. Will the main character be able to pull it all together and accomplish the desired outcome? So in the end, who is the worst friend and the best enemy?

A creative business handbook in its core for those who want to become a professional investor or create their own business while maintaining their own identity.

If this book leaves You with an emotion or thought – the Author will be happy to hear it.


The book makes an impression. Perhaps because a lot has been experienced personally and cannot be described without emotions. Whether you like it or not, that gets transmitted. Before reading the book, I couldn’t understand why it was called a guide to doing business, well, that’s what I heard))). Now I understand that the strategy and system of business management was described quite openly. I think this is a really good guide for those who want to build their own business and people who have a business. I was especially fascinated by the idea of two leadership systems, I thought about it for several days))).

The different characters are presented very colorfully. It’s impossible not to fall in love with your Viktor Dmitrievich))). By the way, I later told some jokes in the company of friends, promoting your book. Several friends became interested in the book.

I asked you about the Conversationalist, but you decided not to disclose details. But it was interesting to speculate on my own. I don’t rule out that you had an interesting romance; I’ll tell you straight, you excite women’s hearts. But the further I read the novel, the more I saw you in it, I don’t know why. I got the impression that Nikolai and Ksenia are two characters of one person, in this case you. Just different sides of personality. Nikolai is about business, life and strength. Ksenia is the soul, personal life, desires, thoughts and dreams. I read some of the dialogues as your thoughts about business, life, love. I’ll tell you with a little embarrassment, though we’re not kids here, it’s a very sexy novel))). Either I’m such a sensitive dreamer, or your vibes poured into the text carry such energy)))))).

I was pleased to note many interesting thoughts and reflections on various topics. I really thought deeply about some of them. And I was pleased with the used language; it was simple, but intelligent, understandable and at the same time thoughtful. In a word, the novel was written from the head and the heart.

Elena Ivakina

Serpukhov, Russia

March 9, 2024

*** *** ***

Fantastic book! It’s been a long time since I read a book with such an interesting plot and so many thoughts to ponder. I was very impressed by the book, my views of some of the main characters were changing as I was reading it. I was shocked by the actions of Victor Dmitrievich, when a government official from Tyumen tried to buy off his company for nothing. I don’t understand how you can consider giving up your “baby” like that. Was also very impressed by the interaction the main character had with an unknown woman. Truthfully, the book captures your attention since the first page, I couldn’t put it down, and I know I’ll re-read it again. Also, I still don’t understand why Victor Dmitrievich was so stubborn about that website. Nikolai was explaining everything clearly – what work needs to be done and why. The main character made a special impression on me – he met so many challenges in his life, yet became wiser rather than becoming angry and cruel, as it could have happened. Thank you for this book, I will definitely buy a printed copy, and will recommend it to everyone.

Leonid Starostin,

President, Korolevsky prazdnik LTD.

Zavodoukovsk, Russia

March 07, 2018

*** *** ***

Konstantin, Hello. I read your novel.

Frankly, I was rather enthused after reading it. Despite the narrow specificity of the novel, it was easy to read, even for people who know little about business. Thank you for your hard work!!! We look forward to part 2.)

Victor I. Mikheyev

Moscow, Russia

May 25, 2016

*** *** ***

The book was interesting and instructive – it was a view on business from the inside and about human relationships, about how in this grand world a MAN and a WOMAN met…

Elena Crudu


November 25, 2015


*** *** ***

The brightest and most engaging business novel about business in Russia 

I read the book in one breath. Sooner or later, every intelligent person confronts oneself with the following questions: What does my life consist of? What do I really want? What is my mission? Questions such as these arise, but how do we find an answer? Where can we get a clue?? I personally found clues in this book. The author convincingly shows how by changing your personal philosophy in life, you can change your business. This book is a Teacher, book-Advisor. It is art that, while captivating you till the last page, reveals the secrets of building a successful startup. The path from having an idea to attracting strategic investors is described in great detail. “Worst Friend – Best Enemy” is the brightest and most engaging business novel about business in Russia that I have ever read.

I highly recommend this book!

Svetlana Tashkina,

Director, Business Development,

Production and Trade Company

September 07, 2015

Kiev, Ukraine

*** *** ***

Scary… but very interesting)

I read the first few pages of “Worst Friend – Best Enemy” and got scared… I got scared, because the thoughts, emotions and views of the main characters described so vividly by the author, coincide with my own – as if I looked at myself from the inside. Or from a bird’s eye view. It’s scary to see and assess yourself like that… but very interesting! How did the author manage that? I have no idea… I am going to make myself some coffee, gather some courage, and continue reading)


#businessnovel @KonstantinSmolentsev

Svetlana Tashkina,

Director, Business Development,

Production and Trade Company

July 03, 2015

Kiev, Ukraine


*** *** ***

Talking about the book won’t do justice to how I feel about it. I think so, at least. It’s a good book… no, not that… Not quite the same criterion. After all, the notion of a “good book” can be diametrically opposite for each one of us. A book, written by an objectively intelligent and interesting person, cannot be boring. Sincere passion for your business that is so captivating you have to write a book about it, will certainly result in something great. And that is what happened to Konstantin Smolentsev’s business novel “Worst Friend – Best Enemy”. It is an honest story about a person’s soul, who has built his own business empire, but kept true to himself. In fact, it’s a very uneasy task. That is what the novel is about. It is also about the important things that could only be read between the lines… About the fact that we are all seeking for love. Even if we make it seem like we don’t need it, like we don’t care. We want to have people around us who understand us. Just the way we are. With all of our weirdness and silliness, with our endless mind. What am I trying to say with all of this? Just one thing: make sure to read this book, because it has everything. It’s unique. It’s about two types of real love – for a profession, for business; and for people. Sounds familiar? Then it’s for you :) It’s a pleasure to read a good book. Don’t ever deprive yourself of it. My sincere thanks to the author:)

Lyudmila Krupich,

Director, Owner of GoreOtUma, an editorial agency. Just a human)

June 11, 2015

Minsk, Belarus

*** *** ***

The best book I've ever red about creating a business in Russia

This novel captured my mind and heart from the very beginning and gave me a lot of fun time during the reading. The author covered all the aspects of the businessman life: his daily routine of creating a new business; personal motivations in his private life and spiritual growth as a result of the best way of making himself.

I strongly recommend this book to everyone!

Marina MacLeod,

Owner at Marina MacLeod Moda Code

May 27, 2015

Ottawa, Canada


*** *** ***

Konstantin, your concern with the meaning of life is close to my heart. I often think about it and even discuss it with my clients from time to time. I tried to describe this experience as deeply as I could in my new books “Goals and Values” and “Managerial Ideas”. Here, we complement each other with our books and interests.

I wish you to always find that depth!

Arkady Prigozhin,

Professor, Co-Founder and first President, National Institute of Certified Management Consultants (NICMC); Director, School of Management Consultants, Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation.

June 2, 2015

Moscow, Russia

*** *** ***

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