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GreenOffOn (Eco Social Community)

  • September 05, 2014

    GreenOffOn’s got a lot of positive news. One of them is that this month – September 2014 – an adaptive web design of our portal has been developed.

    What’s in it to the participants of the Eco Social Community and visitors of our portal?

    You don’t need to download a mobile app anymore! Now http://greenoffon.com is easy to read from all tech communication tools: smart phones, tablets, laptops and TVs with Wi-Fi access regardless of software they’re built on. If you’re using a big screen in the city or reading on your phone while traveling – it looks great!

    We will continue to improve GreenOffOn’s online platform to communicate and promote the interests of individuals and organizations in the fields of ecology, social responsibility and sustainable development, for all members of the Eco Social Community to enjoy using improved functions of our portal.

    Join us!

    Green You, Green Me – in Unity!

  • September 01, 2014

    Dear Members of the Eco Social Community and Friends of GreenOffOn!

    We’re glad to share some exciting news with you: the Russian version of http://greenoffon.com has been tested and is now up in running full force.

    According to W3Techs, Russian language took 3rd place in Internet use (http://w3techs.com/technologies/overview/content_language/all).

    GreenOffOn is a platform where individuals and organizations can share their knowledge and expertise on issues of environment, sustainable development, and health.

    There is more than 40,000 users from 33 countries already.

  • July 17, 2014

    Strategic sessions on narrowing down the focus of GreenOffOn have been carried out with the project’s team, and a very interesting new concept is in the making! The global Eco Social Community http://greenoffon.com has grown to 41,000 users with over 1,000 news, blogs, and most importantly progressive ideas!

  • May 31, 2013

    HR policies and regulatory documents
    for the work with volunteers have been development.

  • May 21, 2013

    Terms of reference is developed to modernize GreenOffOn’s online portal, www.greenoffon.com .

  • April 22, 2013

    GreenOffOn’s crowdfunding campaign “The Eco Revolution!” began on indiegogo’s platform: http://igg.me/at/greenoffon/x/2955215.

    The crowdfunding campaign’s goal is to realize the following:

    -       attract financial resources to modernize the portal;

    -       form a public investment history;

    -       increase of the project’s recognition within the circles of potential partners and investors;

    -       informational promotion of the project;

    -       team building.

  • March 20, 2013

    Working sessions have been carried out to correct market positioning, form investment appeal, and start the GreenOffOn crowdfunding campaign, www.greenoffon.com.

  • February 20, 2013
We are pleased to announce that GreenOffOn joined the Advisory Board of a vendor  of Eco Social Community – Agapé Gardens.

Agape Gardens and Homestead is a privately owned family run enterprise situated in rural Perth, On (Canada). We are in the Phase I of creating a permaculture eco system which will evolve into a sustainable food base, a learning centre and a retreat. http://greenoffon.com/vendor_profile/34.

  • January 31, 2013

We are pleased to announce that GreenOffOn joined the Advisory Board of a vendor  of Eco Social Community - ABC Language Solutions – Canada's Premier Translation & Communication Provider http://greenoffon.com/vendor_profile/660.
  • September 28, 2012

           A base version of the Internet portal GreenOffOn (Eco Social Community) has been created.

  • June 13, 2012

To protect GreenOffOn's intellectual property, the process of registering the brand as a trade mark has been officially started.

  • May 12, 2012
The development of the Brandbook, which includes corporate identity, logo, business cards, envelopes, letterhead, bookmarks for books, electronic signatures, metal badge, CD-ROM, a newsletter, has been finished.
  • December 04, 2011

Agreements have been signed for the development of the corporate style and the basic version of a website 

  • November 01, 2011

GreenOffOn became the member of the Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association – Ottawa Chapter.

  • October 29, 2011

The domain names of GreenOffOn (The Eco Social Community) were registered in the main world domain zones.

  • September 15, 2011

The IC «SMOLENTSEV & Partners» has attracted investments for the «seed round of funding» of GreenOffOn (The Eco Social Community).

The GreenOffOn project offers:

- Global and local unification of people and organizations on virtual and physical platforms that have a responsible attitude towards lifestyle, work, and the environment, and those who are striving to make the world worth living;

- Realization of plans and projects, directly or indirectly connected to eco ideas, materials or technologies.

The distinctive features of GreenOffOn are personalization and identification.

The unique innovative quality of GreenOffOn is the provided opportunity for global and local realization of capabilities and demands of the community members in one virtual and physical space. 

The project has been created by Konstantin Smolentsev in 2011. Headquarters office is in Ottawa, Canada.

  • July 26, 2011

The corporate Business name is officially registered. 

  • July 15, 2011

An agreement has been signed with one of the largest Canadian banks which has been actively supporting protection of the environment and grass-roots community projects for 20 years.  

  • May 17, 2011

Domain names have been registered in the main domain zones.

  • May 16, 2011

An agreement has been signed with a certified «green» hosting provider that uses 100% of its energy consumed from renewable sources. 

  • May 13, 2011

The name of the business is defined.

The choice has been chosen via a survey and wishes of focus groups. The focus groups have been comprised of representatives from different countries and different spheres of work, potential clients and investors of the business.  

  • May 03, 2011

The Plan of realization of the Eco project has been developed.

  • April 21, 2011

Negotiations have been carried out with potential partners and investors for the Eco project.

  • March 07, 2011

The concept of the Eco project has been developed.

  • January 18, 2011

The start of the Eco project (Canada).

Responsibilities of the IC “SMOLENTSEV & Partners” – initializing the project, development of the concept, strategy, business-plan, trademark, corporate identity, creation of online and offline platforms, angel investing, attracting partners and investors, interim-management.

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