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International Agriforum: start for innovations’ exchange

In the first, plenary day of the forum, delegates were familiarized with experts’ reports, have participated in the work of “round table” on the following theme: “Innovations in selection and seed growing”. 

Tyumen has become a “starting field” for a forum of such scale, which is planned as an annual event. Vladimir Kovin, Director of the AIC Department of Tyumen region, has noted that the most steadfast attention from all levels of regional authority is paid to agro-industrial complex. Volume of budget support towards our agricultural manufacturers is three times bigger than average parameters across Russia. “In conditions of rigid competition in food market to carry out effective manufacture and to let out competitive production is impossible without scientific and innovative achievements, – Director of AIC Department has emphasized. – Therefore due to means of regional budget financing research works at a rate of 20 million rubles is annually carried out”.

South of Tyumen region is an agricultural zone, producing all kinds of agricultural goods. Agrarian sector is actively developing – cultivated areas make more than one million hectares from which more than 700 hectares are borrowed under grain crops. Selection work is organized on high level in the region. 40 facilities whose main problem is to provide annual manufacture of seeds at a rate of 55 thousand tons are engaged in seed-growing of grain and leguminous cultures. Mostly it became possible due to regional government of Tyumen, which subsidizes production and consumption of seeds, along with scientific-technological support. 

“We’re working on, – in conclusion Vladimir Kovin has added, – generating fundamental new pattern of scientific maintenance of agriculture. Carrying out such forum will allow to provide effective partnership of science and manufacture, to improve firm business contacts between commodity producers”.


Special attention was paid to problems of government support of agribusiness. Participants of the forum have informed that there is already a long term strategy for development of agrarian sector, covering period till 2020, however some measures are impracticable without help of the government. Konstantin Smolentsev, Chairman of the Board of Directors IC “SMOLENTSEV and Partners”, has noted that plant growing is worth becoming a separate national project – that would simplify creation of a normative base to reach budget means.


«I think it is natural, that Forum is carried out on Tyumen land. Our agrarians apply advanced ways of managing land, machinery and technologies. They are working on increasing efficiency of using resources, implement in production highly efficient agricultural machinery of new generation, are engaged in selection. I am sure that participation in the Forum will allow experts in this highly important for the country branch to exchange works in sphere of innovations and make a significant step in increasing labor productivity and efficiency of agricultural production”.

Vladimir YAKUSHEV, Governor of Tyumen region (From greetings to participants / International Agrarian Forum “Innovations in Agribusiness (plant growing)”

On the second day of Forum delegates participated in the work of practical seminar in Zavodoukovsk.  


Oksana JARKO


Tyumen region TODAY, August 6, 2008


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