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- success of each person is in his own hands,
- success of an organization depends on its leader,
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Konstantin Y. Smolentsev
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“AgroIntel” has all tools for successful business

Dmitri Medvedev, when he was Prime Minister, defined problems on Krasnoyarsk economics forum, which have to be primarily solved. It turned into a rule of four “i”s: institutes, infrastructure, innovations, investments. In a vein of these requirements group of companies “AgroIntel” has been successfully working in Zavodoukovsk city area. Authoritative economic and finance experts are forecasting that this advanced enterprise in three years may become one of the largest grain producers in Russia, and in five years be in first five world leaders. Our journalist has talked to the General Director of group of companies “AgroIntel” Andrei CHALKOV.

— Andrei Nikolaevich, last month in Moscow and Tyumen a presentation of your bonded loan has been carried out. What, banks don’t loan money for development?

— We’re planning this loan not only as another way to get means. “AgroIntel” is planning in short terms to rapidly increase presence on Russian and foreign markets, and without new financial tools this can’t be done.

Releasing bonds – is an absolutely new product for Russia, still at its development level. And again, such “pleasure” is not that cheap. Interest rate can’t be defined as low. And overhead charge? It is reasonable to name organizers of the loan – International corporation “SMOLENTSEV and Partners”, closed joint stock company “R.O.S.T. Corporate projects”, Consulting group “Banks. Finances. Investements”, “Stock exchange “Russian trade system”, “Baker Tilly Russaudit” Ltd. and other participants of agreement. Is it worth it?

—Certainly, means of the loan would be directed not only on financing investment projects and turnaround means, restructuring credit portfolio, but also creating public credit history, transparency of our agribusiness. We endeavor to be investment appealing. Our previous bonded loans (which were necessary to build our grain factory, one of the largest in modern world) were welcomed by investors. It is necessary to attract not only money from banks and regional budgets. Governor always talks about that. Experts of “AgroIntel” persistently build up their experience in attracting means. Today we, developing relations with regional financial institutes, have approached the release of “club bonds”. Tomorrow, attracting strategic investors, we will accommodate classic bonds… then shares… We won’t enter IPO without passing stages listed above.


Valery Iksanov 

"Tyumen Pravda", March 12, 2008.

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