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- success of each person is in his own hands,
- success of an organization depends on its leader,
- success of a leader in many ways depends on a cooperating with him Adviser (Consultant).
Konstantin Y. Smolentsev
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There is a new landowner-monopolist arising in the Tyumen region


On April 18th in Tyumen a conference has been held devoted to informing the public and potential investors about the fact of the promissory loan of CSS SPF “Siberian Agrarian Company” (Group of companies “AgroIntel") for the sum of 20 million roubles.

Group of Companies “AgroIntel” is an agricultural company of a full production cycle: science – seed production – trade – engineering. For today it is the largest company in its sphere with a realization size of 212,8 million roubles in 2005 and the market share in the South of the Tyumen region of 25-30%. The costs of the company actives is 448,13 million roubles, including the renewed technology park.    

About 26 regions of Russia are using the services of the company. The group of companies is using the world leading technology, all the products and kinds which are grown by the company are patented. “AgroIntel” cooperates with external partners, with international scientific institutes in the USA, Canada, France, Australia, Ukraine, Serbia, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan.

In a context of the last event, the organization of the promissory note loan is the first step to public credit history of the company. The deadline for distribution of the promissory notes is the end of April, 2006, the nominal cost of one promissory note is 500 000 roubles. Further, entrance of the company in the market of public bonded loans and IPO is stipulated. The drawer is SPF «Sibagrocom» which business-formulation enterprise and the main balance-holder of the actives of group. By the avalists of the promissory note release is CSS “Ujnoe” and CSS “Niva”.

Dynamically developing company which in the nearest future may possibly become a monopolist in the sphere of delivering grain (30 % of a market share in the Tyumen region) has grown for the past five years from trade company with a turn less than 10 million roubles up to agricultural holding with the profit of  212,8 million roubles a year.

We cant  cancel the role of a Consulting Group “Lex”, together there has been developed and realized a plan of strategic development of the company. In its basis – goals and problems which have to be achieved in 2010, and also methods of reaching them.

Konstantin Smolentsev, the Director of Strategic development of the Consulting Group “Lex” had a comment:

“The main thing was to predict all the risks of this kind of dynamic development: are the goals of financial development, that company states going to be achieved in 6 months. For the past year not many companies decided to enter public market.

In the beginning of 2005 the holding “AgroIntel” began working with the Consulting group “Lex” having the goal of moving an agricultural company on a brand new level of market relationship, which was stated in the business sphere of the world’s society. Large work has been completed, shareholders have finished MiniMBA. We have been working on the plan of strategic development of the company for a couple of months. Plans have changed several of times, because priorities, understanding of the market have been changing, changed the economic conditions in the country, but no matter what, a definite view of what a company wants to become in the next 10-15 years has formulated. No doubt – agrarian business is very risky. The only guarantor in this situation may be the quality of management, precisely counted economy, basic events, that the company regularly and thoughtfully realizes. The company is lucky in two things: rallied collective of shareholders and the accent of training the collective, which is then used to develop the company.“

In Mr.Smolentsev’s opinion, in five years the company “AgroIntel” can not only take 25-30% of the South part of Tyumen region market, but with real calculations, with the realization of the planned investment programs it can count on 20-25% of the market of Russia. And that is very close to being a monopoly.

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