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I am absolutely sure that:

- success of each person is in his own hands,
- success of an organization depends on its leader,
- success of a leader in many ways depends on a cooperating with him Adviser (Consultant).
Konstantin Y. Smolentsev
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SMOLENTSEV and Partners

As summer 2007 came to an end the Board of Directors of an International Corporation “SMOLENTSEV and Partners” made a decision to join the Canada Eurasia Business Association (CERBA).  In the past the Corporation and the Association got acquainted at various events that took place in Russia and Canada. Mutual interest was obvious from the start and the time was “ripe”. We clearly see the benefit that our cooperation can bring for both sides. With all objectively wide possibilities and the positive dynamics in development of relations between Canadian business and countries of former USSR these relations are still in the “state of embryo”. At this point Eurasian and Russian businesses have a weak understanding of the opportunities and benefit that lies in front of them through cooperation with Canadian partners and Canadian entrepreneurs are at times overly suspicious of their “eastern” colleagues. This realization came to us when we began working on developing international business between the two continents. However, it’s been more than two years now and we have fully operating offices in Canada (Ottawa) and Russia (Moscow, Tyumen). During this time we carried out several very successful projects as part of international economic and investment cooperation. As part of those projects we offer our Clients knowledge of working specifically in the international and national markets, we help their businesses in overcoming cross cultural differences   and dealing with various ethic groups.

Strategic development of the Corporation is handled by the Board of Directors which is lead by the master himself: Mr. Konstantin Y. Smolentsev, Ph. D., Academician of the International Informatization Academy, and Certified Management Consultant (CMC) in accordance with the Amsterdam standard ICMCI. His official achievements are just a glimpse into his past rich experience of successfully managing organizations and enterprises of various profiles.

International Corporation “SMOLENTSEV and Partners” renders services in the sphere of management and investment consulting, management of capital, international development, organization of trainings and internships.

What defines the possibility of achieving success in a consulting project? From our point of view, not a lot: trust, conviction, persistence and professionalism. Moreover, it applies both to Consultants and Clients – top managers and owners of the companies. As we all know, this has to be a two-way relationship.

Our Corporation’s strategy is targeted at complex solution of Client’s problems and achievement of his goals. Majority of organizations have enormous hidden potential. Our goal is to assist in uncovering and stimulating their possibilities. Our experienced specialists help not only in assessment and analysis of the company’s current state and goals that are set for it, but also in preparation of the organization for investment attractiveness, financial investments, creation of effectively managed structure, support in successful introduction of its services, good and brands in the national and international markets.

Our work is assessed by one simple and very straight forward criterion – the benefit criterion. Has the value increased along with the balance and effectiveness of work after cooperating with us? Have the financial indicators improved? Has the investment attractiveness increased? Has the controllability become visible? Has the management of risks become more responsible and professional? Did the leader understand what path to take, who to take it with and how to move in order to reach the set goals? Does he now have a certain point of support? Has the team spirit of the organization strengthened? Have the new management and financial tools appear in the arsenal of top management? Did shareholders feel the real return from their investments out of the consulting project? If you can put a firm yes on all those questions – than there is benefit from the time, effort and money that was put in it.

We are confident that we have everything necessary for effective and mutually advantageous cooperation.  In particular, it would be necessary to highlight some of the indisputable advantages of our corporation: international competent and reliable team with many years of experience in consulting; team that knows specifics of doing business in different countries in various branches of industries and activities; significant work experience in complex consulting of enterprises; high competitiveness achieved by flexible price policy and careful examination of Customer’s demands;  stainless reputation built on the prosperity of our Clients. It is also important to mention that success of the International Corporation “SMOLENTSEV and Partners” is based on strict devotion of its employees, management and partners to fundamental principles of work which are continuous strengthening of our relations with Clients; understanding that as an organization we are solid as long as our professional team acts as one and acts well. The Corporation is absolutely independent and 100% owned by our partners – physical bodies and this fact helps us follow our above stated principles undeviatingly.

In order to render some of our specific services we invite our colleagues – highly qualified specialists who have irreproachable reputation and who offer the best solutions in their spheres. We have many connections and strategic alliances with organizations from different countries and that is the reason why our Clients have the opportunity to receive highest possible assistance in occupying leading positions in the market.

We pride on working with organizations from different countries and very different branches.

We do not offer standard solutions, all our recommendations are unique.

The result of our work is an actively balanced development of the organization and increase of its value.

We highly value and justify the trust of our Clients.

CERBA Quarterly News (winter 2008)

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