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Group of Companies "AgroIntel" has started realization of a strategic plan for development up until 2015

Group of Companies “AgroIntel”, realizing plan for strategic development up to 2015 has started carrying out long term investment project for the next 5 years for the total cost of 997,11million rubles on building a seed factory in the outskirts of Zavodoukovsk of Tyumen region – v.Komsomolskiy. On April 4 2007 there has been a positive decision made of a commerce bank on financing. Total cost of the basic means of the project – 240 million rubles. Expectedprofitismorethan 300 millionrublesperyear. 

Commissioning under the accepted planned schedule of construction is stipulated for January, 2008. Exploitation is set for January 2008 by an accepted plan for construction. As an output of a designed capacity the factory will let out up to 45 thousand tons of seeds of elite reproductions and about 70 thousand tons of food grain annually.

Contacts with the German firm "PETKUS" provide delivery and installation of the entire complex of equipment within June, October, 2007.

The seed factory provides a full cycle of completion of seeds from acceptance, capacity of 120 tons an hour, drying, seed clearing of 26 tons an hour, storage of 20000 tons, before disinfecting and packing in bags by 50 kg or big bag.

Transportation: railroad or auto transport.

In 2007 GC «AgroIntel» has finished full modernization of agricultural machinery, in manufacture combines, seeders, sprayers and a tractor of leading manufacturers of the USA, Canada, Italy are applied.

In April, 2007 the enterprise celebrated 10 years of existence, the basic direction of development is becoming the leader in the field of seed-growing.

Every year the company makes big steps forward – areas under crops increase (about 1500 hectares in 2002 up to 30000 hectares of an arable land in 2007), volumes of the made and realized seeds grow, international scientific and trading communications extend.

 Since 2000 the company intensively is engaged in ecological grade testing of grain and leguminous cultures. In 2007 in ecological grade testing it is planned to test 180 grades. In comparison with the last years a new culture – rapeseed is entered.

The closed joint-stock company «Research-and-production firm the Siberian agrarian company» a part GC «AgroIntel» is the originator of grades of peas: "Gubernator", “Zavodoukovsky 1”, "Jamalsky", «AgroIntel», "Jamal".

New perspective grades of peas are handed over on the state test: «Erbus», «Nikolka», «Olbezh». The grade «Nikolka» is already recognized by state commission as the champion under the maintenance of fiber (28,5 %).

The scientific division of the company possesses a unique collection of peas which totals 3650 versions from all over the world.

Today the geography of sales of seed includes 28 regions of RF and 3 regions of Kazakhstan. Client base contains more than 1400 partners which use seeds of GC “AgroIntel”. Cooperation with areas and regions of Russia and Kazakhstan is not limited by trade of seeds; today GC “AgroIntel” is tied in a relationship with scientific research institutes of agriculture of almost all those regions. With the majority of these partners negotiations on signing dealer contracts on sales of our seeds in their regions are carried on.

Cooperation with Canadian firms on ecological seed testing of six our grades of peas in Canada has begun. Simultaneously, on a well prepared field of “AgroIntel" six grades of peas of Canadian selection were tested. In September, 2005 in a Ottawa (Canada) the group of companies "AgroIntel" has opened an official representation: "AGRIPROVINCE". Moreover, the company in 2006 has realized some bill loans in a total of 40 million rubles with a help of financial companies “Prioritet”, “Regton” and SKB-Bank. In 2007 accommodation of a bill loan of 80-90 million rubles is planned. In 2008 – a bonded loan of 400-500 million rubles with the subsequent output on IPO.

Consulting on strategic development is lead by Konstantin Y. Smolentsev, Doctor of Political Science, the Academician of IIA, Certified Management Consultant (CMC) in accordance with the Amsterdam Standard ICMCI.


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