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Virtual mentor

Mar 7, 2018

When writing a book, it’s hard to say with absolute confidence what kind of readership will pick it up, how the book will influence them, and what kind of reaction I’ll get.

When I was writing “Best Friend – Worst Enemy” I imagined that the main category of readership will be businessmen. I was wrong. My novel was picked up by a broader audience. First of all, the most grateful readers were women who had nothing to do with business. I already wrote about this discovery before. Then came businesswomen, and only after – businessmen.

But I was hoping for another category of readers – young entrepreneurs. To be honest, I want to transfer my knowledge to those who really need it before I go. No, it’s not vanity. I sometimes regret that I never had an experienced friend – mentor – by my side. I think that I would have done some things differently, avoided some mistakes. That’s why I was hoping for this book to become a virtual “mentor” of sorts, a navigator for the brave souls who decided to start up a business.

And recently, I finally got feedback from a young entrepreneur. So, I won’t take up too much of your attention anymore – please read the review below.

“Fantastic book! It’s been a long time since I read a book with such an interesting plot and so many thoughts to ponder. I was very impressed by the book, my views of some of the main characters were changing as I was reading it. I was shocked by the actions of Victor Dmitrievich, when a government official from Tyumen tried to buy off his company for nothing. I don’t understand how you can consider giving up your “baby” like that. Was also very impressed by the interaction the main character had with an unknown woman. Truthfully, the book captures your attention since the first page, I couldn’t put it down, and I know I’ll re-read it again. Also, I still don’t understand why Victor Dmitrievich was so stubborn about that website. Nikolai was explaining everything clearly – what work needs to be done and why. The main character made a special impression on me – he met so many challenges in his life, yet became wiser rather than becoming angry and cruel, as it could have happened. Thank you for this book, I will definitely buy a printed copy, and will recommend it to everyone.”

Leonid Starostin,

President, Korolevsky prazdnik LTD.

Zavodoukovsk, Russia

I know that my book was read by 16-year olds as well. What do they have to say?

#Bestfriendworstenemy #businessnovel #novel #mentor #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship

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