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Oleg Amurjuev (Canada): Managing Innovations: Power of the Best Practices

Program Director: Oleg Amurjuev, Ph.D. (Canada)

  • Ph.D. in Economics
  • Director of the program designed for teachers and managers of Russian high-tech companies
  • Member of the Advisory Team of Innovation Synergy Centre in Markham
  • Managerial experience in a number of startup and early stage high-tech companies  
  • Invited speakers in a number of international forums and conferences
  • Author and co-author of 8 books and more than 100 articles.

Target Audiences:

  • Senior Managers responsible for incorporation of technological innovations into existing business processes
  • Managers of knowledge-based companies
  • Managers of incubators, techno parks and startup companies
  • Representatives of a venture capital industry
  • Government officials responsible for supporting entrepreneurship and innovations

Basic Methodology

Learning by Thinking!

Learning by Doing!

Learning by Implementing!

Time Frame and General Structure of the Basic Program

  • 6 days within a week; 8 hours of sessions per day; totally – 48 hours of learning sessions
  • The first 5 days: 4 hours of lectures and 4 hours of Personal Training Sessions (Training and Consulting within small groups of attendants) and site visits
  • The 6th day: final participants’ presentations and a round table (Q&A session and evaluation) 

Possible Options

  • A two day seminar (the first half of each day lecture and afternoon – PTS)
  • A six week program with the following components:

            - initial module – 1 week

            - e-learning module (case study) – 4weeks

            - final module and presentation showing – 1 week

Personal Training Session (PTS): a combination of coaching, consulting and self-learning activities.

PTS’s goals:

  • Better mastering of education material delivered within the lectures
  • Gaining practical experience by implementing acquired knowledge for cases associated with real-life businesses
  • Initiating participants’ creativity as well as thinking and cognitive activities

Presentation Session

  • Main objectives: evaluation of results attained by participants and hence, a quality of teaching 
  • Scenario:

    – Elevator pitches –project presentations accompanied by slide decks (10-15 minutes)

    – Brief comments and recommendations provided by a group of experts from high-tech and venture capital communities

Content Outline: Main Modules of the Program

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovations
  • Creation of a New Firm
  • Marketing of Innovations
  • Leadership and Building Innovative Team
  • Protecting Intellectual Property
  • Financing of innovations and raising venture capital

Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovations: 

1. Introduction to Innovations:

  • essence and main features of innovations
  • major types of innovations
  • technology-based innovations

2. Technology-Based Innovations in the Global Context

  • innovations as an engine of the global economy
  • the most powerful technological markets in the world
  • main worldwide tendencies and challenges peculiar to modern knowledge-based economy

Creation of a New Firm: 

  • Main preconditions: venture’s genesis
  • Required competencies
  • Legal aspects
  • Leadership as an internal engine driving the company’s growth
  • Thinking strategically: key to success
  • Evolution: Intrinsic Logic
  • Corporate governance?

Marketing of Innovations: Best International Practices 

  • Marketing Strategy – key points:

-              Product Definition

-              Market Validation

-              Value Proposition

-              Business Model

-              Market Segmentation

-              Target Markets

-              Market Research: Objectives and Information Sources

o   Marketing of Innovations: Power of Partnership

-              Partnership: Why? When? How?

-              Complementary Value

-              Types of Partnerships

-              Negotiating Better Deals

  • Licensing Technology: Essence and Options
  • Non-Recurring Engineering Agreement

Leadership and Building Innovative Team 

  • Project Management: Key Components
  • Leadership: New Vision
  • Innovative Thinking – Thinking Innovatively
  • Selecting and Hiring Personnel
  • Motivation: A Set of Incentive Tools
  • Stock Option Programs: Facilitating Long-Term Stimulus and Loyalty

Protecting Intellectual Property 

  • What is Intellectual Property?
  • Why Does Intellectual Property Need to be protected?
  • Patent and Patent Pending: Process and Outcome
  • Patent Infringement: Legal Implications
  • Non-Disclosure and Non-Competition Agreements

Financing of Innovations and Raising Venture Capital 

  • Major Sources of Venture Capital
  • Two main types of Capital Injections: Loan and Equity Financing
  • Convertible Debentures: Flexible Financial Instrument
  • Term Sheet: Investors’ Requirements
  • Business Valuation: Methodologies and Challenges
  • Due Diligence
  • Identifying Return on Investments

The program framework and structure may be changed and reformatted depending upon requirements and features of a specific audience.

The program’s modules are to be provided by leading instructors and industry gurus from both Canada and Russia.

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